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IT Audit Courses


  IT Auditing Foundation Series  
  Introductory series  
IT1 Fundamentals of IT Auditing 2
IT2 Auditing Application Systems under Development 2
IT3 Auditing Databases 1
IT4 Hands-on Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques 3
IT5 The Audit Role in Contingency Planning 2
IT6 IT Fraud and Countermeasures 3
IT7 Auditing in a Local Area Network Environment 2
  Intermediate Series  
IIT1 Risk Analysis for Auditors 3
IIT2 Securing the Internet 2
IIT3 Computer Security Reviews 3
IIT4 Performance Auditing of the IT Function 2
IIT5 Managing the IT Audit Function 2
IIT6 Auditing Information Management 3
  Advanced Series  
AIT1 Advanced Auditing of Operating Environments 3
AIT2 Auditing Windows XP 2
AIT3 Advanced use of CAATs 2
AIT4 Auditing Web-based Technology 2
AIT5 Auditing e-Commerce 1
AIT6 Foiling the System Hackers 2
AIT7 Investigating IT Fraud 2
AIT8 Defending the Digital Assets 1
CISA CISA Preparation Course 4
  Other IT Auditing Courses  
OIT1 Application Control Reviews  1
OIT2 Introduction to IT Auditing (Introductory) 5
OIT3 Managing information security  (Intermediate) 4
OIT4 Automating the Audit (Introductory) 1
OIT5 Audit and Control of PCs    (Introductory) 2
OIT6 Writing your own CAATs  (advanced) 3
OIT7 Auditing Leading Edge Technologies (advanced) 2
OIT8 Auditing eCommerce (intermediate) 1
OIT9 Auditing EFTS   (intermediate) 2
OIT10 Auditing of AS/400s / iSeries (advanced) 2
OIT11 Auditing of OS/390 - zOS (advanced) 5
OIT12 Designing Secure Computer Systems (intermediate) 3
OIT13 Auditing End-user Computing (introductory) 1
OIT14 Implementing and Auditing ISO 17799 (advanced) 3
OIT15 Continuous assurance auditing  (advanced) 1


CISM Preparation Course                                      



Auditing project management 2
OIT18 Computer control and audit   5
OIT19 Auditing privacy compliance 1
OIT20 Auditing Wireless Security 1


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