AIT2 - Auditing Windows XP and Vista

Seminar Objectives

This technical, two-day, hands-on seminar is designed to provide the participants with an in-depth knowledge of the control aspects of Windows XP.

Participants will learn of the tools and information sources available within Windows XP as well as the uses to which these might be put.

Windows XP Auditing resources and tools will also be examined.

The objectives of the seminar are:

  • To introduce auditors to the danger areas as well as the extensive control opportunities within the windows XP environment.
  • To give auditors hands-on experience in operating in an XP environment.
  • To fully equip auditors to operate in within XP

Seminar Contents

Seminar contents will include:

  • Background to the Windows NT/2000/XP product family
  • The Program manager
  • The File manager
  • Managing with the control panel
  • Sharing data within XP
  • Tools for workgroups - eMail and Schedule+
  • The Applications Programming Interface
  • User management in Windows XP
  • Controlling using user accounts and properties
  • Use of XP Groups
  • Domain trust relationships
  • File and directory ownerships and permissions
  • The impact of the registry
  • Auditing Windows XP
  • Tools and Techniques

Who should attend

The seminar is aimed primarily at auditors who have to audit within a Windows XP environment.

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