IIT6 - Auditing Information Management

Seminar Objectives

The computer auditor operating at an advanced level, will commonly be auditing leading edge technology. As such it becomes imperative that auditors be familiar with not only use of audit tools in conventional computer systems, but the risk implications and control opportunities within advanced systems.

This three-day seminar will introduce candidates to the major risk areas in sophisticated computerized systems as well as their audit and control.

By the end of this seminar attendees will have an in-depth knowledge of:

  • Information Resource Management techniques
  • Strategic use of IS
  • Privacy and ethical issues
  • Decision support systems
  • Data Warehousing
  • Executive Support Systems
  • End-user systems
  • Electronic Data Interchange

Seminar Content

The seminar will address:

  • IS in perspective
  • Organizing for Information Systems Management
  • Service Orientation
  • Corporate Survival techniques
  • Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage
  • Characteristics of Decision Support Systems and Data Warehouses
  • EUC risks and opportunities
  • EDI - Opportunity or Threat
  • EDI audit approaches and techniques
  • Legal implications of advanced systems

Who should attend

This course is designed to be of primary benefit to experienced computer auditors who are involved in auditing strategic systems and systems strategy.

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