IT2 - Auditing Application Systems under Development

Module objectives

Computer systems are increasingly becoming the life-blood of our companies. In this environment, auditors must give their input with a view to producing quality systems which complement the corporate system of internal controls.

This two-day, comprehensive module is intended to give auditors the skills required to participate in the Systems Development process and make recommendations which are practical.

By the end of this module the attendee will gain :

  • An understanding of the Systems Development Life Cycle and how to control it
  • An understanding of business and processing control objectives
  • A knowledge of Control and Authorisation techniques
  • An understanding of communications controls and how to design them
  • An understanding of recoverability as a business need and how systems should be designed for recoverability
  • An awareness of fraud as a threat and the design of appropriate control architectures

Module contents

Module contents will include:

  • Why systems fail
  • Control of the SDLC
  • Business and processing control objectives
  • Securing systems
  • Control and authorization techniques
  • Input, processing and output controls
  • Communication controls
  • Systems recoverability
  • Computer fraud and "cracking the system"
  • Auditing the process

Who should attend

The module is aimed primarily at auditors, both internal and external, who are auditing both Systems Under Development as well as the Development process itself.

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