IIT3 Computer Security Reviews

Seminar Objectives

Management, ever conscious of the company's reliance on the computer (both micro and mainframe), is increasingly looking to the auditor to address the risks in this environment. Many auditors are unfamiliar with the risk areas and control opportunities available. The module concentrates on logical security, the control mechanisms available to enforce logical security, and audit approaches, tools and techniques to carry out such reviews.

The objectives of the module are:

  • to familiarize auditors with computer risk areas and security mechanisms.
  • to provide auditors with an understanding of the building blocks of operational environments and operating systems.
  • to provide auditors with an appropriate methodology for reviewing computer security.

Seminar Content

Seminar contents will include:

  • computer risk areas
  • criteria for effective security
  • computer operations
  • applications security
  • change control
  • control over viruses
  • the "ACCESS" model
  • tailoring the Operating System
  • auditing operating environments
  • z/OS
  • VM
  • i Series
  • UNIX
  • the role of security packages: RACF, ACF2, TOP SECRET
  • the Internet and Firewalls

Who Should Attend

The seminar is aimed primarily at auditors, both internal and external, who are auditing advanced operating system environment.

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