IT7 - Auditing in a Local Area Network Environment

Seminar Objectives

In today's dynamic and demanding business environment, more and more companies are relying on Information Systems which are based around Local Area Networks. In this environment it is increasingly difficult to maintain adequate levels of security, availability, accuracy and completeness.

This two-day, comprehensive seminar is intended to give auditors the skills required to determine the levels of internal control in effect, and to make practical recommendations where applicable.

By the end of this seminar the attendee will gain :

  • An understanding of the growth and place of LANs in today's businesses
  • An understanding of the unique concerns of operating in a LAN environment
  • A knowledge of LAN communications and topologies
  • A knowledge of Novell Netware and other LANs
  • An understanding of the control opportunities in logical LAN access control
  • An understanding of DRP in a LAN environment
  • An understanding of the appropriate audit techniques for LANs

Seminar Content

Seminar contents will include:

  • The growth in LANs
  • Unique LAN concerns
  • The physical LAN and Logical LAN access
  • LAN communications
  • Novell and other LANs
  • LAN exposures and control techniques
  • Auditing of LANs
  • Implementation of a LAN control environment
  • LAN Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Policies and Procedures for controlling LANs

Who Should Attend

The seminar is aimed primarily at auditors, both internal and external, who are auditing in a Local Area Network environment.

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