IIT4 - Performance Auditing of the IT Function

Seminar Objectives

A major component of all corporate budgets in the 1990's is the IS departmental expenditure. The primary reason for this is the potential contribution which the IS function can make to the competitiveness and bottom-line performance of the corporation.

Auditing in this area has traditionally been reserved for the specialist IS auditor.

In this two-day seminar, participants will be introduced to the VFM techniques they require to permit a generalist auditor to evaluate the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the IS function.

The objectives of the seminar are:

  • to familiarize auditors with the Key Performance Areas within IS
  • to introduce them to a VFMA methodology to determine whether the IS resources are being optimized
  • to provide delegates with a complete VFMA audit plan for the IS function

Seminar Content

The seminar will address:

  • background and objectives of VFMA
  • operational auditing methods and techniques
  • major operational areas in IS
  • risks and control opportunities
  • economy of resource utilization
  • efficiency determination of the key performance areas
  • the quantification of effectiveness
  • implementing the VFMA audit programme
  • performing the audit and following-up

Who should attend

The seminar is aimed primarily at auditors who have to comment on the performance of the IS function.

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