AIT7 Investigating IT Fraud

Seminar Objectives

This two-day course is designed to equip experienced auditors with the tools and techniques to investigate security incidents and produce forensically acceptable evidence. 

Seminar Content

  • Learning the Fundamentals 
    • Goals and Methodologies 
    • Incident Response 
    • Being Prepared 
    • Hosts 
    • Networks 
    • Policies and Procedures 
    • Response Toolkits 
    • Response Personnel 
  • Technicalities 
    • Investigating 
    • Computer Forensics 
    • Understanding Protocols 
    • Trap and Trace 
    • Network Surveillance 
  • Investigating Operating Environments 
    • Windows NT/2000 
    • Unix 
  • Other Technology 
    • Routers 
    • Application servers 
  • Hacker Tools 
  • Cyberspace 
    • Establishing Identity 
    • Tracing E-mail 
  • Removable Media 
    • CD/DVD
    • Memory sticks

Who Should Attend

The module is aimed primarily at computer auditors and forensic auditors who have to investigate crimes and produce computer evidence acceptable to the courts.

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