AIT1 - Advanced Auditing of Operating Environments


In this three day seminar, the participants will be provided with a comprehensive insight into the UNIX, iSeries and Novell operating environment and techniques for implementing security. Participants will learn what can go wrong in these environments and what preventative and detective controls are available.

The LINUX version of UNIX will be used to allow a hands-on environment.
Unix areas which will be covered include:

  • Privileges and File Permissions

  • Privacy issues in a UNIX environment

  • Establishing a secure UNIX Configuration

  • Controlling UNIX accounts

  • Internetwork security

  • File and Directory security

  • Monitoring and managing security

  • Security software for UNIX environments

  • UNIX Viruses and their prevention

  • Auditing UNIX Security

i/OS contents will include:

  • Introduction to the iSeries series and iSeries security features

  • User profiles and authorities

  • Backup & Recovery

  • iSeries Security Administration

  • Performance management and monitoring

  • Auditing and audit use of the iSeries

  • Use of PCs in auditing the iSeries

Novell areas which will be covered include:

  • Initial setup and SYSCON

  • Attributes and Rights

  • File-level protections

  • Constructing secure directories

  • Workgroups and workgroup managers

  • LOGIN and security

  • Maintaining NetWare security

  • Creating a secure environment

  • Locking the servers

Who should attend

The seminar is aimed primarily at auditors who have to audit at an Operating System level.

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