IIT2 Securing the Internet

Seminar Objectives

This technical, two-day course is designed to provide the participants with an in-depth knowledge of the risks as well as the benefits of Internet connection.

Participants will learn of the tools and information sources available on the internet as well as the uses to which these might be put.
Copies of Security Software will be provided.

Seminar Content

Module contents will include:

  • Defining the Internet
  • Internet Threats
  • Protection Strategies
  • Internet security and privacy
  • Use of Digital Certificates
  • Client-side Security
  • Downloading threats
  • Firewalling and encryption
  • Formulating an Internet security plan

Who Should Attend

The module is aimed primarily at computer auditors who are working in an Internet-connected environment and need to determine the adequacy and effectiveness of the security environment.

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