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 Richard Cascarino and Associates offer training needs assessment including both pre and post training assessments of students.

In addition, individual assessment of IT, Internal and Forensic Audit competences as well as organizational / group assessment of competencies, assessment / auditing of previously undertaken projects and both individual and group mentoring can be undertaken.

Key Benefits

  • Benefits to the organisation include the focusing of professional development into the most critical performance areas in order to maximize the return on investment.

  • An assessment of the competences of the audit function can assist the fine tuning of the Audit performance in order to assure alignment with the institute of internal auditors Standards for the professional practice of internal auditing prior to the performance of a Quality Assurance Review.

  • Review of previously undertaken projects can, again, assist the continuous quality assurance of the internal audit function by mentoring and correcting departmental practice on an ongoing basis.

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