AIA4 - Managing and Optimizing the Internal Audit Function


Internal Audit managers are continually being asked to manage audit departments to maximize results at minimal costs.

This two-day, comprehensive seminar is intended for management-level auditors who need to know how to plan, manage and conduct effective audit departments. It concentrates on the practical skills required to plan and administer the audit function.

By the end of this seminar the attendee will be able to:

  • Define the departmental mission in a mission statement
  • Design the Audit Charter to meet corporate needs
  • Plan and Organise the department to meet management's expectations
  • Identify "the expectation gap" and act to eliminate it
  • Identify the requisite structures to ensure:
    • Independence
    • Professional Proficiency
    • Appropriate Scope of Work
    • Quality Performance
    • Appropriate management

Seminar Contents

Seminar contents will include:

  • Establishing the Internal Audit Function including the responsibility, accountability and independence
  • Defining stakeholders' needs
  • Acquisition and retention of staff
  • Obtaining the appropriate Knowledge, Skills and Disciplines
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Tackling the strategic issues
  • No-go areas and how to gain entry
  • Implementing a Quality Assurance programme
  • Audit performance monitoring
  • Selling the Internal Audit Function
  • Communicating departmental results
  • Internal Audit relationships with external auditors


The seminar is designed to be of major benefit to Internal Audit Managers although audit supervisors would also benefit.

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