Web IT Auditing Series 2  (5 webinars)

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Webinar Overviews and Individual Bookings

Advanced IT Audit Risk Analysis for Auditors - Thursday October 3 2023

Those planning Internal Auditing department activities face the recurrent task of allocating expected resources to an apparently ever-expanding universe of demands. One means to focus limited resources in a structured way is the use of appropriate risk analysis techniques.

This webinar provides auditors and audit management with a structured approach to risk management and internal risk assessment; risks in computer systems and the use of computerized risk assessment tools are also addressed.

Webinar Contents

This two-hour webinar is designed to provide the participants with an in-depth knowledge and experience of:

  • Risk and its nature in a corporate environment Risk analysis and Internal Auditing
  • The use of Risk-based auditing as an integrated approach
  • Risks within computer systems
  • Electronic trading risks
  • The IT Risk-based audit approach
  • Risk and materiality
  • A structured approach to audit risk evaluation
  • How to sell Risk-based audits


Securing the Internet  - Thursday October 12 2023

This webinar is designed to provide the participants with an in-depth knowledge of the risks as well as the benefits of Internet connection.
Participants will learn of the tools and information sources available on the internet as well as the uses to which these might be put.

Webinar content

The webinar will cover the following areas:

  • Internet Threats
  • Protection Strategies
  • Internet security and privacy
  • Use of Digital Certificates
  • Client-side Security
  • Downloading threats
  • Firewalling and encryption
  • Formulating an Internet security plan

IT Security Reviews  - Thursday October 19 2023

Management, ever conscious of the company's reliance on the computer (both micro and mainframe), is increasingly looking to the auditor to address the risks in this environment. Many auditors are unfamiliar with the risk areas and control opportunities available. The module concentrates on logical security, the control mechanisms available to enforce logical security, and audit approaches, tools and techniques to carry out such reviews.

The objectives of the module are:

  • To familiarize auditors with computer risk areas and security mechanisms.
  • To provide auditors with an understanding of the building blocks of operational environments and operating systems.
  • To provide auditors with an appropriate methodology for reviewing computer security.

Webinar Content

The Webinar will cover the following areas:

  • Computer risk areas
  • Criteria for effective security
  • Computer operations 
  • Applications security
  • Change control
  • Control over viruses
  • The "ACCESS" model
  • Tailoring the Operating System
  • Auditing operating environments
  • The role of security packages: RACF, ACF2, TOP SECRET
  • The internet and Firewalls


Performance Auditing of the IT Function  - Thursday October 26 2023

A major component of all corporate budgets in the 2020s is the IT departmental expenditure. The primary reason for this is the potential contribution which the IT function can make to the competitiveness and bottom-line performance of the corporation.

Auditing in this area has traditionally been reserved for the specialist IT auditor.

In this webinar, participants will be introduced to the VFM techniques they require to permit a generalist auditor to evaluate the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the IT function.

Webinar Objectives

The objectives of the webinar are to provide attendees with the tools and techniques needed in their own environments to:

  • Familiarize auditors with the Key Performance Areas within IT
  • Introduce them to a VFMA methodology to determine whether the IT resources are being optimized
  • Provide delegates with a complete VFMA audit plan for the IT function

Webinar Content

The Webinar will cover the following areas:

  • Background and objectives of VFMA
  • Operational auditing methods and techniques
  • Major operational areas in IT
  • Risks and control opportunities
  • Economy of resource utilization
  • Efficiency determination of the key performance areas
  • The quantification of effectiveness
  • Implementing the VFMA audit programmer
  • Performing the audit and following-up


Managing the IT Audit Function - Thursday November 2 2023

IT Audit has developed into a maze of specialties with technical specialists requiring ever more specialized training.

This webinar is designed to assist audit management to refocus their IS audit's efforts by identifying high-impact audit areas and sourcing the resources required to carry out the audit plan.

By the end of this webinar the attendee will be able to :

  • Distinguish between the varying types of computer fraud, their nature and effect
  • Identify likely fraud indicators
  • Audit for computer fraud
  • Establish a Corporate Risk Profile
  • Structure an anti-fraud security environment
  • Distinguish between fraud and forensic auditing
  • Identify the requirements to ensure that audit evidence is acceptable as legal evidence
  • Identify the requirement and effect of reporting sensitive issues

Webinar Content

The webinar will cover the following areas:

  • The Scope of IT Audit
  • Narrowing the perspective
  • Objective setting
  • Staffing and recruiting
  • The use of audit automation
  • Skills and training
  • Measuring effectiveness
  • The role of the Specialist


Who should attend

The series is aimed primarily at auditors, both internal and external, who are advancing their career in Computer Auditing or who wish to understand the complexities and vulnerabilities of computer systems. This series follows on from Series 1

Webinar Leader

Richard was Chairman of the Audit Committee of Gauteng cluster 2 (Premier's office, Shared Services and Health) in Johannesburg and is currently the Chairman of the Audit and Risk  Committee of the Department of Public Enterprises in South Africa.

He is also a visiting Lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand, author of the book Internal Auditing - an Integrated Approach, published by Juta Publishing and now in its 3rd edition. This book is extensively used as a university textbook worldwide. In addition, he is the author of the "Auditor's Guide to IT Auditing" published by Wiley Publishing, now in its 2nd edition and the book "Corporate Fraud and Internal Control: A Framework for Prevention", also Wiley Publishing. He is also a contributor to all 4 editions of QFINANCE, the UItimate Resource, published by Bloomsbury, and the author of "Data Analytics for Internal Auditors" published in 2017 by Auerbach. He is also the author of "The complete Guide for CISA Examination Preparation".


mail to: info@rcascarino.com