OIA2 - Audit Communication Skills

Seminar Objectives

The end-product of a successful audit is the improvement in business which takes place as a result of the audit.
The best internal audit performed will be ineffective in impact if the internal auditor cannot sell his or her findings and recommendations.

This one-day seminar is intended to assist internal and external auditors develop skills in communicating both verbally and in writing in order to maximize the impact of their audit work.

By the end of this seminar the attendee will be able to :

  • Identify those areas to be presented for maximum impact

  • Produce a presentation to sell the most important points of the audit

  • Hold the listener's / reader's attention and influence their thinking

  • Handle the "difficult customer" during presentations

  • Define the five attributes of a complete audit finding

  • Define the format and contents of an effective audit report

  • Evaluate audit reports for communication effectiveness and impact

Seminar Contents

Seminar Contents will include:

  • The elements of communication

  • Communication at work

  • Barriers to communication

  • Interviewing and negotiating

  • Effective oral presentation

  • Structuring a presentation

  • Audience analysis

  • Business writing skills

  • The writing act

  • The audit report

  • The integrated report

  • Non-verbal communication

Who Should Attend

The seminar is aimed primarily at all auditors who are have, as part of their responsibilities, to communicate effectively.

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