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Internal Audit Courses


  Internal Auditing Foundation Series  
  Introductory series  
IA1 Introduction to internal auditing 2
IA2 Ethics and the internal auditor 1
IA3 Audit report writing 2
IA4 Basic IT auditing 3
IA5 Forensic auditing  2
IA6 Risk analysis for auditors 3
IA7 Statistics and maths for auditors 1
IA8 Corporate governance 1
  Intermediate Series  
IIA1 Fundamentals of accounting and finance 3
IIA2 Quantitative analysis for auditors 2
IIA3 Intermediate IT auditing 3
IIA4 Performance auditing 2
IIA5 Negotiating skills for auditors 1
IIA6 Supervisory skills for auditors 2
IIA7 Presentation skills for auditors 2
  Advanced Series  
AIA1 Advanced risk analysis techniques 3
AIA2 Advanced forensic auditing 2
AIA3 IT Auditing master class 5
AIA4 Managing and Optimizing the IA function 2
AIA5 Control risk self-assessment 2
AIA6 Marketing the internal audit function 1
CIA CIA Preparation Course 4
  Other Internal Auditing Courses  
OIA1 The Internal Audit Process (intro) 4
OIA2 Audit Communication Skills (intro) 1
OIA3 Human Behavioral Skill for Auditors (intro) 1
OIA4 The IIA Standards in Action (intro) 1
OIA5 Internal Auditing Skills for the Lead Auditor (intermediate) 2
OIA6 Auditing Contract Management (intermediate) 1
OIA7 Control Risk Self Assessment (intermediate) 3
OIA8 Performing Quality Assurance Reviews (intermediate) 2
OIA9 Internal Auditing Consulting and Facilitation (intermediate) 3
OIA10 Project Accounting for Internal Auditors (intermediate) 2
OIA11 Auditing the Supply Chain (intermediate) 2
OIA12 CIA Preparation Course for less experienced auditors (intermediate) 10
OIA13 Auditing Strategic Management (advanced) 2
OIA14 The Audit role in 6-sigma (advanced) 1
OIA15 Advanced Financial Modeling for auditors (advanced) 3


Re-engineering the Internal Audit function (advanced) 2


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