IIA7 - Presentation Skills for Auditors


In today's environment the auditor is frequently called upon to present a view or opinion on behalf of the department.

As such, it is critical that the presentation be professional and communicate the desired message in a clear manner.

The module will utilize video techniques to give participants experience in:

  • The dynamics of communication
  • Barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them
  • Designing and delivering a short presentation including use of presentation aids
  • Coping with interviews
  • Projecting an image


  • The module will cover the following areas:
  • the elements of communication
  • barriers to communication
  • verbal and non-verbal communications
  • cross-cultural communications
  • communication with groups

Who Should Attend

The seminar is aimed primarily at audit professionals who may, from time to time, be called upon to make formal presentations.

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mail to: info@rcascarino.com