IIA3 - Intermediate Computer Auditing


For a professional auditor working in today's business environment, an in-depth understanding of the controls governing the use of computer systems has become essential.

This three-day, comprehensive module is designed to give that understanding to auditors who are already familiar with the basic concepts of Information Systems auditing.

Delegates will gain:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the risks and exposures in Information Systems
  • Familiarity with the appropriate audit tools and techniques required to audit application systems
  • An understanding of where systems come from and the auditor's role in building in control
  • Knowledge of the activities of the Information Processing Facility and its controls
  • An understanding of data integrity, security and privacy issues
  • An auditor's view on EDI and its effect on business
  • An appreciation of VFMA of the IS function


Module contents will include:

  • IS risks and exposures
  • Computer control concepts
  • Application systems; activities and controls
  • Application audit tools and techniques
  • Auditing computer application systems
  • SDLC activities and controls
  • Information Processing Facility activities and controls
  • Security and recovery
  • Auditing the IPF
  • Security Auditing
  • EDI
  • Operational (VFMA) Auditing of the IS function


The seminar is aimed primarily at audit professionals who wish to improve their own levels of efficiency and effectiveness by implementing a computer-based audit approach.

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