IA7 - Statistics and Maths for Auditors


From time-to-time the Internal Auditor is faced with situations which call for him to make a decision whether to audit a complete population, or whether sufficient satisfaction may be obtained by looking at less than 100%.

This one day module addresses the selection and use of statistical sampling and mathematical techniques

The module is designed to provide the participants with an in-depth knowledge of:

bulletStatistical and non statistical concepts
bulletSampling methods and sample sizing
bulletSample selection and interpretation of results
bulletAttribute versus Variables sampling
bulletProbability Proportional to Size sampling (PPS)
bulletDifference Estimation / Mean per Unit / Ratio Estimation
bulletRegression Analysis / Modeling Theory
bulletNon-parametric statistics
bulletSampling formulae


The seminar is aimed at auditors who use, or should use statistical sampling as well as CIA candidates who are struggling with this subject.

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