IA6 - Risk Analysis for Auditors


Those planning Internal Auditing department activities face the recurrent task of allocating expected resources to an apparently ever-expanding universe of demands.

One means to focus limited resources in a structured way is the use of appropriate risk analysis techniques.

This three-day, intensive course provides auditors and audit management with a structured approach to risk management and internal risk assessment. Risks in computerised systems and the use of computerised risk assessment tools are also addressed.

The seminar is designed to provide the participants with an in-depth knowledge of:

  • Risk and its nature in a corporate environment
  • Risk analysis and Internal Auditing
  • The use of Risk-based auditing as an integrated approach
  • Risks within computer systems
  • Electronic trading risks
  • The Information Systems Risk-based audit approach
  • Risk and materiality
  • A structured approach to audit risk evaluation
  • How to sell Risk-based audits


Course contents will include:

  • The nature of risk
  • Internal risk assessment - a framework
  • Risk-based auditing - an integrated approach
  • Risks in Financial Services Industries
  • Computer risks and fraud
  • Reducing the risks in electronic interchanges
  • The IS Risk-based audit approach
  • Audit risk prioritisation
  • Risk and materiality
  • The structured risk approach
  • Implementing the approach
  • Selling management on risk


Internal auditors, external auditors, risk managers, security officers and executive management as well as other officers of a company with a duty to manage Corporate Risk.

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