IA5 - Forensic Auditing

Seminar Objectives

Fraud, Wastage and Abuse of all kinds are a major growth industry in this country. Each can have a drastic impact on the bottom-line profitability of an organisation.

This two-day seminar is intended to sharpen the skills of internal auditors in assisting in the prevention, detection, deterrence and reporting of fraud, waste, abuse and other irregularities.

By the end of this seminar the attendee will gain :

  • An understanding of the definitions and concepts underlying fraud, irregularities, waste and abuse
  • Knowledge of the various statements on fraud of the IIA
  • An understanding of the profiles and motivators of fraudsters
  • The ability to differentiate between fraud, waste and abuse
  • The ability to recognise likely fraud indicators
  • Ways to establish effective fraud / abuse prevention within your company
  • An understanding of how to quantify corporate vulnerabilities

Seminar Contents

Seminar Contents will include:

  • Definition of fraud, waste and abuse
  • Professional standards and guidelines
  • Reduction of waste
  • Classic fraudsters
  • Characteristics of fraudsters
  • The "red flags" of fraud
  • Fraud investigation and reporting
  • Management fraud
  • Audit vs legal evidence
  • The effective deterrence programme

Who Should Attend

The seminar is aimed primarily at internal auditors who are working in a high fraud-potential environment.

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