IA1 - The Internal Audit Process


This two-day, comprehensive course is intended to introduce new internal auditors to the professional practice of internal auditing. The seminar concentrates on the practical application of the principles and covers the full scope of the internal audit process.

By the end of this course the attendee will gain :

An understanding of the entire internal audit process

A knowledge of internal audit concepts, documentation and evaluation

The ability to identify audit objectives and to develop efficient audit procedures to meet those objectives

A knowledge of how to communicate positive audit reports which are results oriented

The ability to recognise and cope with various categories of difficult auditees

The techniques for dealing with computerised areas

An understanding of the use of quantitative tools for maximising audit productivity


Course contents will include:

Nature, role and scope of internal auditing

Theory, purpose and structure of internal auditing

Planning the audit cycle

Setting audit objectives

Obtaining and documenting audit evidence

Evaluation of systems of internal control

Identifying the audit implications of identified internal control weaknesses and strengths

Designing an audit programme

Approaching the exit interview

Developing the audit report

Auditing in an information systems environment


Internal Auditors with less than one year's experience or those internal auditors who need a comprehensive refresher course in modern internal auditing techniques.

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