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Full Course Program

These courses are all available on an in-house basis to assist in the Professional Development of IT, Internal and Forensic Auditors.

Internal Audit Courses

Primary series 

  • The internal audit process                 

  • Ethics and the internal auditor         

  • Audit report writing                            

  • Basic IT auditing                                                

  • Forensic auditing                                

  • Risk analysis for auditors                 

  • Statistics and math for auditors      

  • Corporate governance                       

Intermediate series

  • Fundamentals of accounting and finance                                         

  • Quantitative analysis for auditors   

  • Intermediate IT auditing                   

  • Performance auditing                        

  • Negotiating skills for auditors           

  • Supervisory skills for auditors          

  • Presentation skills for auditors         

Advanced series

  • Advanced risk analysis techniques

  • Advanced forensic auditing             

  • IT Auditing master class                   

  • Managing and Optimizing the IA function                                                   

  • Control risk self-assessment             

  • Marketing the internal audit function                                                                

Other Audit Courses

  • Auditing Strategic Management      

  • Auditing Contract Management     

  • Control Risk Self-Assessment          

  • The Internal Audit process                 

  • Audit Communication Skills            

  • Human Behavioural Skills                               

  • Re-engineering the Internal

  • Audit Function                                    

  • Performing Quality Assurance Reviews                                                

  • The IIA Standards in Action            

  • CIA Preparation Course for experienced auditors                          

  • CIA Preparation Course for inexperienced auditors                      

  • The audit role in 6–sigma                 

  • Auditing the supply chain                 

  • Internal auditing consulting and facilitation                                           

  • Advanced financial modelling for auditors                                                                

  • Project accounting                             

  • Internal auditing skills for the lead auditor                                         

  • Activity-based Finance Management                                      

 Fraud Courses

  • Two week fraud series                     

  • CFE Preparation Course                   

 Other fraud courses

  • Investigating Fraud                            

  • Uncovering Fraud                               

  • Proving your case in Court                               

  • Preventing Corporate and Governmental Fraud                          

  • Fighting Fraud with CAATs              

IT Audit Courses

Primary series

  • Fundamentals of IT auditing           

  • Auditing application systems under development                                       

  • Auditing databases                            

  • Hands on CAATs (IDEA & ACL)   

  • The audit role in contingency planning                                          

  • IT Fraud and countermeasures       

  • Auditing in a LAN framework         

Intermediate series

  • IT risk analysis for auditors              

  • Securing the Internet                          

  • IT Security reviews                             

  • Performance auditing of the IT function                                                       

  • Managing the IT audit function      

  • Auditing information management                

Advanced series

  • Advanced auditing of operating systems                                                      

  • Auditing Windows                              

  • Advanced use of CAATs                  

  • Auditing web-based technology      

  • Auditing e- commerce                       

  • Foiling the system hackers                

  • Investigating IT fraud                       

  • Defending the digital assets              

Other IT audit courses

  • Application Control Reviews           

  • Introduction to IT Auditing              

  • Managing information security       

  • Automating the Audit                        

  • Audit and Control of PCs                 

  • Writing your own CAATs                  

  • Auditing Leading Edge

  • Technologies                                       

  • Auditing EDI                                       

  • Auditing eCommerce                         

  • Auditing EFTS                     

  • Advanced Auditing of AS/400s                                

  • Advanced Auditing of z/OS             

  • Designing Secure Computer Systems             

  • Auditing End-user  Computing                        

  • Implementing and Auditing ISO 27001  

  • CISA Preparation Course                                 

  • CISM Preparation Course                                

  • Auditing project management                         

General IT Courses

  • Strategic use of IT                                              

  • Application control reviews                              

  • Implementing CoBit                                          

  • Current threats to information security          

  • Security awareness - auditors need to know

  • Continuous assurance auditing                       

  • Computer control and audit                             

  • Auditing privacy compliance                           

  • Auditing wireless security                                  

General Auditing Courses

  • Advanced Financial Modelling                        

  • Consulting and Facilitation for Auditors        

  • Lead Auditor                                                       

  • Project Accounting                                             

General Business Courses

  • Enterprise risk management                             

  • Managing risk in organizations                        

  • Auditing strategic management                       

  • Masters of Management                                  

  • Corporate governance in the private sector  

  • Corporate governance in the public sector    

Basic Business Skills Courses

  • Business English                                                 

Banking Courses

  • Banking risk management                                               

  • Risk-based Auditing for Reserves Management Operations                                     

  • Control Risk Self-Assessment for Banks       

  • Implementing Basel II                                      

  • Preventing money laundering                          

For full details on these courses please contact us at:

mail to: info@rcascarino.com