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Audit Assessment & Mentoring

 Richard Cascarino and Associates offer training needs assessment including both pre and post training assessments of learners.

In addition, individual assessment of IT, Internal and Forensic Audit competences as well as organizational / group assessment of competencies, assessment / auditing of previously undertaken projects and both individual and group mentoring can be undertaken.


Our Consulting

     We offer consulting services in the areas of:

  • Implementation IT, Internal and Forensic Audit as a culture and methodology

  • Organizational development and capacity building

  • Designing job profiles and development of Audit methodologies

  • Development of learning programs and organization specific unit standards

  • Working with the Audit Skills Development needs of organizations

  • Audit Risk-based Planning Facilitation

  • Mentoring of Audit projects

  • Program management

  • Executive briefing and tailored senior management programs

Quality Assurance Services

 The IIA Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing require that an external review of the Internal Audit function be carried out every five years at a minimum. We follow the standard IIA quality assurance review methodology which allows the review team to assess:

  • Deviations in performance from acknowledged best prastices for internal auditing, from IIA Standards, and from the internally prescribed internal audit function procedures; and

  • The operation of the internal auditing function as perceived by the internal audit function's members and customer

We involve your own staff within the process which means that this approach offers you a team of professionals who understand your organization, led by an expert who is a leading authority on the practice of internal auditing and IS auditing.

Richard Cascarino and Associates offers a full Quality Assurance Service for the evaluation of the Internal Audit Function.

Contact Details

For further information, our staff would be delighted to assist with your inquiries either by phone or by e-mail. Alternatively you may  write to us at:

Richard Cascarino & Associates                                                 

PO Box 775524                                                                               

Steamboat Springs                                                                         

CO 80488



Tel       970 291 1497