BA3 - Control Risk Self Assessment for Banks


Control Risk Self Assessment is a technique used to evaluate business process effectiveness utilizing natural work groups. It focuses groups on the steps necessary to assure the achievement of business objectives and assists in determining measurement criteria. 

It is a formal, documented process in which the management and / or work teams directly involved in a business process judge the effectiveness of the processes in place and decide if the chance of reaching some or all of the business objectives is reasonably assured. 

This two-day course takes the auditor through the essential steps in introducing and monitoring an effective CRSA methodology. This methodology, developed by ourselves, has been highly successful in several large companies and requires no expensive software. It is intuitively acceptable to management and employees alike.


  • Control Risk Self Assessment
  • Theory of Internal Controls
  • Scope of Internal Controls (CRES)
  • Control types (Directive / Preventative / Detective / Corrective)
  • Risk Assessment
    • Inherent risk
    • Residual risk
  • Operational Risks (Delphi Group)
  • Operational Controls (Delphi Group)
  • Operational Risk Evaluation
  • Systems evaluation
  • Identifying and evaluating systems controls
  • Designing effective controls
  • Documenting the System of Internal Control

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