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Who are we

Richard Cascarino and Associates LLC are providers high quality consulting and training services worldwide. They are associated with some of the most experienced consultants and highest quality professional educators in the fields of Fraud Audit, IS Audit and IS Audit Training, Internal Audit and Internal Audit Training as well as Enterprise Risk Management.

Our Mission

We strive to serve our customers by providing high grade, international consulting services in the fields of:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Internal Audit
  • Internal Audit Training
  • IS Audit
  • IS Audit Training
  • Forensic Audit and Fraud Audit
  • Forensic Audit Training
  • Fraud Audit Training
  • Risk Management
  • Strategic use of IT
  • Audit Committee effectiveness
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Company Profile          

Richard Cascarino has, for the last twenty-five years, been providing Internal Audit, Fraud Audit, IS Audit Consultancy, Risk Management and Corporate Governance consultancy as well as Professional Development services to clients throughout the United States of America, the African region,  Europe and the Middle East. These include some of the largest corporations, government departments, auditors general, professional bodies and financial institutions in their respective countries.

Our Professional Development products have been acclaimed as some of the best in the world in Internal Audit training, Forensic Audit training, Risk Management, Corporate Governance and in IS Audit training.

 Our Principals

  Richard E. Cascarino, MBA, CIA, CISM, CFE, CRMA (Click here for full cv)

Well known in international auditing, Richard is a principal of Richard Cascarino & Associates based in Colorado, USA and Johannesburg, South Africa with over 32 years experience in audit training and consultancy.

He is a regular speaker to National and International conferences and has presented courses throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

Richard is a Past President of the Institute of Internal Auditors in South Africa, was the founding Regional Director of the Southern African Region of the IIA-Inc and is a member of ISACA, and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, where he is a member of the Board of Regents for Higher Education.

Richard was Chairman of the Audit Committee of Gauteng cluster 2 (Premier's office, Shared Services and Health) in Johannesburg and is currently the Chairman of the Audit and Risk  Committee of the Department of Public Enterprises in South Africa.

He is also a visiting Lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand, author of the book Internal Auditing - an Integrated Approach, published by Juta Publishing and now in its 3rd edition. This book is extensively used as a university textbook worldwide. In addition, he is the author of the "Auditor's Guide to IT Auditing" published by Wiley Publishing, now in its 2nd edition and the book "Corporate Fraud and Internal Control: A Framework for Prevention", also Wiley Publishing. He is also a contributor to all 4 editions of QFINANCE, the UItimate Resource, published by Bloomsbury, and the author of "Data Analytics for Internal Auditors" published in 2017 by Auerbach. He is also the author of "The complete Guide for CISA Examination Preparation".

Dr Max Cascarino, BVSc., MRCVS, CIA

Max was a principal of Richard Cascarino & Associates. She had been in business in both the United Kingdom and South Africa for thirty-five years. Her background encompassed General Management as well as Operational Auditing in market sectors ranging from Retail to Financial and from small companies to extremely large corporations.

She had many years experience in business administration as well as in the application and control of computers and has lectured in this area as well as in various aspects of Retail Management.

Max had served on both National and International Committees of the IIA. She had also served as a member of the Board of Regents of the IIA Inc.

Sadly deceased in June 2023.



Black Listed for Non-Payment and Fraud

Please note that, due to excessive failure to pay for work done, the following organizations and  individuals will no longer be dealt with. Any advertising by these individuals and organizations using the names of our organization or associates should be regarded as false advertising.

GetupEducator - https://getupeducator.com/webinars Fraudulently advertising webinars using my name

Malcolm Makhosi - AKA Mountain Rock Projects

Proctor Nyemba - AKA Proctor and Associates - Zimbabwe

Mutale Kabwe - AKA Direct Capital Solutions Limited - Zambia

Mike Muvimwa - AKA First Pro Solutions - Zimbabwe now operating in South Africa (see also http://www.cgfresearchinstitute.com/ConferencesBreakfasts/Noticedisclaimers/tabid/16235/language/en-ZA/Default.aspx )

Justline Int. Malaysia - Malasia
Mr Maxwell Solomon Makoronga  - Zimbabwe


Current Webinars may be found Here

Client Comments - Training

"It's been a while since the training, but I've been seeing the results from the training in my current assignment, and I just wanted to send you an e-mail letting you know how much the training has helped me. I attended the training on “Internal Audit Report Writing For Impact” and “Internal Audit Presentation Skills”  in June 2009. 
The report writing training including the handouts helped me understand how I should be planning and organizing these evaluations.  As a result, I've implemented a process that I can apply to each new evaluation.  The results are concise project steps that I can use to not only easily compile a report but also provide evidence and detail on the findings and recommendations. 
While the report writing training helped me fine tune my reports and process, the two days on presentation skills (while painful--I didn't like that video camera!) made me look at presenting from outside myself.  It helped me focus on:  what is it I want the audience to know, what style of presentation should I use -- for example, weighing who my audience is and how to best manage the audience.  I used these techniques shortly after the seminar.  I received positive responses from the audience even though some of them were hostile to the recommendations.  One person even said, "Wow, you are really good at this."  
I think this seminar was the most timely, appropriate, and valuable training that I've ever attended. " Marianne Teklits - Larimer County, Colorado


"All lectures were very knowledgeable on the subject and gave excellent presentations " Zahir Kazir - Total SA

"The presenter is simply the best. his experiences and giving examples to explain points, I found very valuable in recalling what I have learned" Olga Hlobo

"Very, very useful.  We have a starting point now and a lot of general knowledge" Karen Kleyn - Telkom SA 

"Very enlightening especially the computer auditing risks .  Lecturer and presentation was exceptional .  Lecturer well read, well traveled abroad experience which is very relevant to IT and internal audit" Nosipho Ncoto - Nkonki Ntsaluba

"It has been a pleasure to work with Richard to run a number of courses for Plus Specialty Training in Dubai. His hands-on experience and anecdotes to back up learning were commented on by all participants who thoroughly enjoyed his training style. I am looking forward to working with Richard again in future to produce more successful courses." Claire Louise Whaites

Contact Information


Cell: +1 970 819 7963
Tel +1 303 747 6087 (Skype Worldwide)


Postal address
20415 East Orchard Place, Aurora, Colorado 800016 USA
Electronic mail
General Information: info@rcascarino.com
Webmaster: rcasc@rcascarino.com